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After receiving my life coaching certification from Erickson College in 2010, I have helped clients all over the country get out of personal ruts riddled with limitations. Inspired by my mission to guide people to listen to their inner voice free from noise pollution, I have had the pleasure of coaching from New York to Seattle, Nevada to Alabama, and my hometowns of New England down to Florida.

Sometimes we need a little help distinguishing the authentic voice of our own spirit from the misguided seeds that have been planted by others over the course of our lives. This is just as important in parenting as it is in any aspect of life. Shame, pride, embarrassment, and stress are rooted in fear and tend to sneak up when we act and make decisions in parenting despite our best intentions.

My mission moved me to work with younger people as well, to catch the negative mantra early on in adolescence. I started working weekly with kids in the middle school teaching life skills and before I knew it, I was teaching meditation to elementary school students, too.

Over the years I developed programs and activities that I used with kids in the classroom and as a parent. Eventually, I became a Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator (CPDPE) and integrated the Adlerian model to my coaching. I enjoy working with parents and children because the parent/child relationship, like every other, goes both ways. As a parent, though, the health of that relationship is your responsibility and that is why I am so passionate about parent coaching.

You love your child more than anything on the planet. Let’s make sure your decisions are rooted in Love so you can achieve your parenting goals and build strong bonds with your child.