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Ok, you survived the emotional roller coaster and got out from under the weight of a toxic relationship. Kudos on taking that massive courageous action! Congratulations on embarking on the path of peace for you and your children… Now what??

You are here today because you’re ready for change. You are ready to run your house like a Boss. You are ready to get your swagger back and reconnect with your Badass self. She’s in there, I promise you that! You made it this far because she is still in there whispering somewhere in the back of your head.

She has conviction. Her voice is strong, wise and loving.

She is confident. She walks comfortable in her skin. She knows her worth, and she doesn’t accept anything less than to be treated with respect.

She is admired. Her values radiate from her actions. Her boundaries are set with grace and upheld with strength.

She resides in you, a warrior princess. A warrior for your peace. A princess for your healing.

But right now she is quietly lingering somewhere in the background because a cloud of shame hovers over you night and day. Your world has been flipped upside down and self-doubt clings to you like gum on the bottom of your shoe. You gave your heart to one who didn’t deserve it, who didn’t treasure it and now you’re left without trust in your own instincts. Life has never been more uncertain and that is scary. And what’s worse is that all of this leaves you feeling isolated and misunderstood.

And despite your eagerness for all things great, they still seem so far away when you take two steps forward and life takes you three steps back.


But here’s the thing. You are not alone! I was there a decade ago. I hid my divorce from almost everyone. I moved 10 states away with five children and a cat to a place we had never set foot in before. It was super scary. Our lives were literally hanging in the balance.

I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop stomping our peace into the ground. It was about all we had. Peace and each other in our small apartment on the second floor of a poverty-stricken neighborhood. A far cry from the house on the hill in the suburbs that we had just left. I’d sacrificed everything. It was far from easy, and I just wanted to relax and enjoy my children.

The peace in our home was challenged by the harsh reality of life itself. I was in a very vulnerable position. I unwittingly went about my days with an air of desperation. Desperate for humanity to show me some compassion. Desperate for life to throw me a frickin bone already. Instead I was faced with one struggle after another after another. Our funds were so limited, but I had no room for fear, so anger it was. And I lived in this weird dichotomy of deep deep love & peace for my children within the walls of our little abode and deep deep anger for just about everything outside of us. Angry with the laws of the state, angry at society for being so heartless… just… so… angry. 

I was worried about my children being angry with me for forsaking the wonderful aspects of our life in the northeast. Goodbye soccer life. Goodbye holiday family traditions. Goodbye comfort of our quaint hometown community. In this new unsympathetic and strange infernal land, I feared each single-mom struggle might lead them to resent me. We lived in survival mode for quite some time.

But I was determined to create a life for us where I didn’t have to choose between peace and values and basically everything else. A life where the anger would wash away and leave us with only Love. And I held onto that glimmer of hope that had gotten us through so much already.

Major transformations don’t happen overnight. I continued prioritizing our spirituality, being active and physically strong, and exploring new places for us to commune with nature. That was a significant bonding time for us. I worked through grief and shame, faced my insecurities, learned lots of lessons sometimes more than once, worked through forgiveness and at last little by little the anger began to fade.

Each year our situation got better. Each year our living arrangements improved. Each year I earned more money than the last. And each year my children grew stronger, wiser and more capable, too. Their bond is tight. They excelled in school. They established great friendships. They forged new paths for their future successes.

And you can triumph over a toxic relationship, too. You can find emotional stability. You can sort through your anger no matter how deep it runs. You can rebuild your confidence and walk with a little swag again. Your peace and happiness live right on the other side of this difficult time and the only way to it is to power through the mess.

The vision of your life bright and abundant with love and laughter in your new normal is within your reach. Your success on the healing journey is waiting for you to take the first step.

They say time heals all wounds, but that is only true if you consciously make good use of your time. Time alone is not a healing agent. It takes action, and it takes the right action to reach your goal of sustained peace and happiness in your home. Those things don’t come by accident. Join us on Fridays to discover exactly which steps will open you up for more genuine connections and fruitful opportunities.

I know it’s scary right now, but it’s a little exciting too, isn’t it!? You didn’t get this far by cowering to your fears. You are brave. You are strong. You can do this by discovering the proven steps to take in the right direction with a little support. I am honored to be a part of your journey!