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Parent Coaching


What happened to my little girl?

When teen attitudes and sarcasm drive a wedge in the relationship, it can make connections seemingly impossible at times. I work with parents who are having a difficult time getting through to their tweens and teens when they wonder what happened to their silly little girl or their jumping jellybean son who now retreat to the bedroom and shut the door.

Snarky rude comments from your child can leave you in disbelief. Their fight to have last word may render you feeling inadequate. But not for long. Respectable communication between your child and you can be achieved in these simple steps.

  1. Understanding what your child is really saying.

  2. Understanding the root cause of the behavior.

  3. Choose the best response you feel is right for the situation.

Create harmony in your home today with simple every-day problem-solving techniques for real life situations.

Positive Vs Negative risk taking

Teens are known for engaging in risky behavior and there is a scientific explanation for why. The teenage brain is still in a rapid growth phase and teens are learning how to become adults. They push limits and test boundaries to gain insight and you want to keep your teen safe, but you also don’t want to rob them of this crucial developmental stage. How can you accept risk-taking in your teen?

Parent coaching services offer the solution of appropriate self-assured responses of a protagonist parent who recognizes when and how best to intervene with the proper guidance for your teen to remain on the track of success.


What is a Tween?

Between the ages of 9 and 12, tweens are in that in between period of leaving childhood and entering adolescence. This is the most profound growth development since the toddler years. It’s no wonder parents become exhausted by the push and pull of mood swings and cuddle times abruptly shifted at the chime of a notification on the phone or tablet.

Parent coaching services provide you with knowledge to understanding your child’s developing brain and the skills required to effect the change you want to see. You will be amazed at the shift.

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