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Why Choose Parent Coaching

Sibling Rivalry

The fighting, arguing, taking and breaking each other’s things between your kids can feel like the ultimate challenge. When your children can’t get along, it hurts on a different level. There’s an easier way that offers the relief you seek.

You want to raise individuals who learn to think independently, and disagreements can do just that. Teach your children how to disagree with grace, tact, and respect.

Parent coaching services by Rebecca-Ann provides you with the skills to inspire your children to get along without charitable bribes or coaxing.


Back Talk

Snarky rude comments from your child can leave you in disbelief. Their fight to have last word may render you feeling inadequate. But not for long. Respectable communication between your child and you can be achieved in these simple steps.

  1. Understanding what your child is really saying.
  2. Understanding the root cause of the behavior.
  3. Choose the best response you feel for the situation.

Start your parent coaching services with Rebecca-Ann to create harmony in your home today with simple every-day problem-solving techniques for real life situations.

Power Struggles

When your child doesn’t do as you say and maybe even does the opposite, you can feel threatened and hopeless. Gain confidence with a quickness and become self-assured in no time.

Don’t give in to the temptation of a fight. You may want to prove you’re the boss, but that is counterproductive and only begets a challenge for power.

Parent coaching services by Rebecca-Ann offers the solution of appropriate self-assured responses of a protagonist parent who doesn’t have to prove anything- ever.


Emotional Outbursts

Uncontrollable temper tantrums can be worrisome for parents. Screaming and stomping of feet can be anger some. One key understanding can instantly change your ability to help your child through it. You’ll find it’s not so uncontrollable after all.

Emotional outbursts in public or even at home can be embarrassing. Time is something we will never get back. Your child’s tantrums are really a plea for help in a foreign language.

Parent coaching services by Rebecca-Ann provides you with the skills to break the barrier to understanding the language of outbursts, and then, immediately follow up with the response to get you both on the same page. You will be amazed at the long lasting results.

Become a protagonist parent today!


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