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Parent Coaching Services in Positive Discipline for Peace

Sibling Rivalry

Feel like your house is a verbal MMA ring? Or worse yet, a physical one? Don’t give up and throw in the towel! Synergize your family and build your protagonist skills to end the constant bickering today. It’s a lot easier than you think.

Siblings are going to disagree. That’s inevitable, and actually; it’s a good thing. You want to raise individuals who learn to think independently. But sometimes your children act out and disagree with a lack of grace, tact, and respect. And then your temperature starts to rise and the next thing you know, you’ve joined the screaming match. Understand the hidden messages your children are sending when they resort to negative attention-seeking behaviors.

Parent coaching services by Rebecca-Ann provides you with the key to unlocking the door to your children’s hidden messages. When you are able to understand the meaning behind your children’s misbehavior you will then know the appropriate response to get your desired result. When their behavior is asking for a love lollipop and you offer them cup of charity chocolate milk, they may take the charity, but their need for a love lollipop has been unmet and you can guarantee they will act out again real soon.

Get the skills to understand the true message behind the behavior of sibling rivalry and inspire your children to play together and live together without charitable bribes or coaxing.


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Back Talk

Does your child need to have the last word? Is their mouthy attitude testing your final nerve? Hold onto what bit of patience you have left and learn the artful skill of effective communication that ends the back talk once and for all.

TYS parent coaching services help you when your child’s behavior is hurtful and leaves you in disbelief. At times, you may want to retaliate. When they disappoint and you wonder, “how could they do this to me?” your response may result in your child hurting others or destroying belongings now or in the near future.

Start your parent coaching services with Rebecca-Ann to learn a variety of simple every-day problem-solving techniques that can be done with your child in real life situations to regain order and respect for all people and possessions in just a matter of minutes.

Power Struggles

Is the tug of war draining your energy? Quit battling it out with your child over who’s the boss. Learn to become a protagonist parent and claim the title with grace for both of your sakes.

When you feel defeated, don’t give in! When your child is challenging you and provoking you, steer away from a fight. I know you want to be right and show your child they cannot get away with this behavior, but that attitude begets a response of defiance.

Parent Coaching Services by Rebecca-Ann provides you with insight on your child’s perception and the steps you need to make it easier to refrain from giving in to a power struggle. With parent coaching services you will gain the foresight on becoming a protagonist parent who gets your child back on the cooperation train toward finding mutual ground with respect and understanding.


Emotional Connection

You may sometimes feel like you are living with a stranger, or even an unrelatable monster. Break through the communication barrier and discover a deeper connection with your child. These years go by so fast; don’t waste any more precious time. Forge the relationship you want today to last a lifetime.

Video games, snap chats, Tick Tok, school, texts, work, traffic… countless distractions can make connecting with your child seem hopeless. While managing everything and feeling your child slip further away can even leave you with a sense of despair. You don’t have to let another day slip away without bonding with your child.

Parent coaching services by Rebecca-Ann comes with an endless bag of quick and easy ideas to incorporate into your normal everyday routine. Create new habits instantly so you don’t miss another opportunity for a bonding moment with the most important things in your life. Time is something we will never get back.

Become a protagonist parent today!


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