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Kids Meditation Group is a 4-week meditation session for all school-aged children. Sessions are offered for two age groups. Teen sessions are scheduled for Monday afternoons and Elementary sessions are scheduled for Tuesday afternoons :

Elementary    *    5:15pm-6:15pm

Middle & High School    *     5:15 pm -6:15pm

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Life can be stressful for kids just as it can be for adults. Social challenges take kids on emotional roller coasters, constantly getting sucked into daily drama and then spit out rejected, isolated and misunderstood. With the rising confusion in self-identity today, there is no better time for children to learn meditation practices and make it a part of their regular routine.

As parents we can’t navigate life for our children, but we can show them love and support by giving them the tools they need to grow and become self-assured and self-sufficient individuals.



This proprietary program will not be found anywhere else. It is exclusive only to True You Solutions, LLC clients. I have specifically designed this meditation program with a concentration on emotional awareness & self- regulation. Regular meditation practice has provided priceless health benefits for people of all ages for thousands of years. You may have heard of some of the most common:

* Cognitive- Focus and attention

* Social- Empathy

* Mental- Coping and problem-solving skills

* Physical- Stress relief

* Emotional health and wellness & more

Groups will meet via Zoom Monday or Tuesday afternoons depending on age.  Space Is Limited.

Call with any questions.  (813) 706-1936

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Hear what some TYS kids have to say:

“When my friends stopped talking to me and me and my mom were fighting alot, Miss Rebecca really listened to me and helped me to accept my feelings and become a master of them.” ~Trinity  9 yrs, Tampa, FL

“Learning meditation helped me to focus my mind especially when I was upset. I like it because I don’t get into as much trouble as before, now I just meditate whenever I want to.” ~Sammy 14 yrs, Brandon, FL

“Sometimes I get really mad, like really mad, in my baseball games. Meditation with Miss Rebecca relieves my stress and she taught me how to use my breathing even during a game and to get ready before the game to help my anger.” ~Randy 15 yrs, E Providence, RI

“I like it when Miss Rebecca reminds me to ‘fix the kink’ so that I can ‘be the master of myself’. I just hear her in my head whenever I need to meditate.” ~Brianna 11 yrs, Portsmouth, RI