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Get your kids committed to the rules with 1 FUN activity

Wednesday, November 9th at 7:00 pm EST

Is your family a unified front? Are you all on the same page? Does your household run on cooperation? If you answered no to any of these questions and you want to get your kids committed to the rules of your household, then you're going to love what this activity can do for your family!

What if you could get your kids committed to the rules without the backtalk, without a battle, and without screaming and yelling in one simple and fun activity for the entire household? Not only is it that easy, but you will have a blast engaging with your kids this way, too. You can’t go wrong! Sign up now for the FREE 45-minute workshop.

You poured your heart and soul and your life experience into developing rules for the sake of a loving and prosperous household, so why doesn’t anyone appreciate that? You created easy to follow rules. You don’t ask for much. So, why is it such a struggle to get them with the program?

There is one crucial component that is missing in this picture. Once applied, it will have amazing results in getting your kids committed to the rules. Sign up for the next workshop as we reveal this crucial component. Sometimes the answer is right between the eyes, and you look right past it without even realizing it.

Sign up for the next True You Solutions workshop on Wednesday, November 9th at 7:00 pm EST to:

  • Learn the crucial missing component
  • Learn the 5 fun and detailed steps of the family activity
  • Learn the secret to commitment
  • Learn how to get your kids committed to the rules


Doing this fun-filled family activity just once results in immeasurable special perks that make your life easier now AND in the future. Once your family does this activity, you will know exactly how to get your kids to cooperate with anything. Perhaps, the best feature of this activity is that the benefits last a lifetime.

As an added bonus, before we end the workshop you will learn the universal motivation for every child on the planet, so you will know how to handle anything they throw at you! Sign up now to reserve your spot for the 45-minute workshop on November 9th at 7 pm. Spaces are limited.