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Parent-Child Bond Coaching Services

Power Hour Child Bond Coaching Sessions

Let’s face it, parenting is not easy. You’re overwhelmed. You don’t know where to begin, and you’re worried things will never get better. Everyone in your house feels your stress, but you don’t know how to let it go. Your relationship with your child is suffering and so you stress even more.

You know that despite its challenges, parenting is also a fun-filled, love-filled adventure with the people you cherish the most. Sometimes it’s just learning how to change the perspective. Child bond coaching occurs naturally with the techniques that Rebecca-Ann uses like no other parent coach. Let’s get you back on track. Schedule your power hour coaching session to unveil the blocks that prevent you from enjoying parenthood to the fullest. This one-time session begins with a 20-minute easy-going conversation before diving into your transformational Power Hour.


Truly secure your relationship with your child. Don’t waste another day. Contact TYS right now to schedule the next workshop or child bond coaching session today.


Protagonist parent coaching in positive discipline

Are you exhausted by the power struggles over homework and chores? Does the sibling rivalry make your home feel more like a war zone? Diffusing the tension in your home is a lot easier than you think with positive discipline techniques.

Discipline does not mean punishment. If your approach consists of yelling and screaming which results in slamming and stomping, and you are ready to put everyone on lockdown for an eternity, the protagonist coaching is perfect for you. Certified positive discipline parent educator Rebecca-Ann guides protagonist parents through natural-flowing child bond coaching sessions. One-to-one coaching sessions for 45-60 minutes are scheduled weekly or biweekly to restore peace and harmony in your home.

Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me Meditation

Raise a child, not a cyborg! Is it getting harder and harder for you to relate to your child? Does your child emotionally overreact often? Are you concerned about your child’s lack of empathy? Does their sense of entitlement leave you scratching your head? Relax, we got this!

The parent-child relationship is one of the most important relationships you will ever have. So even if you feel like your child is turning into an unrelatable cyborg, don’t worry, hope is not lost. Whether they are plugged in like it’s their lifeline and you can’t relate, or they are strange little narcissistic beings ungrateful and unempathetic, this fun insightful and enlightening parent/child meditation course catapults your relationship to a whole new level naturally and in a way no other parent child bond coaching session offers.

Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me Meditation Program

With a program for elementary-aged kids and a separate program for tweens and teens, the Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me Meditation program builds a parent-child relationship like no other program out there. This unique program has an endless list of added benefits including empathy-building, improved communication, cooperation, mindfulness, improved self-expression, and self-care. Create a formidable bond with your child to last a lifetime with this fun and enlightening program revolutionizing child bond coaching today.

Become a protagonist parent with child bond coaching for the best relationship with your kids today!


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