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Protagonist Parents- Be The Hero Of Your Home

What Is a Protagonist Parent?

Once upon a time, there was a woman learning how to transition from being a married mom at home most of the time to a single mom and sole provider working outside of the home most of the time. Yep, you guessed it. That was me. The chapters of my life seem more like separate books altogether when I look back over the last 4 decades. Ten years ago feels like a lifetime ago when I took a cross-country road trip with my five boys. At that time, their ages ranged from 13 years down to 10 months. Since then, we have journeyed less in distance along the east coast, but much more through our growth together in cultural changes that resulted from uprooting 1500 miles away from everything we knew.

With the weight of the world on my shoulders and no one to back me up, I questioned myself constantly. The dark places in the depths of my mind crept up inching closer to the surface and more than once I almost cracked. Five beating hearts and ten wide eyes looked to me morning, noon, and night and the big fat scary collection of things that could’ve brought me to my ultimate demise was the very thing that offered me the opportunity to shine. The choice was mine. Those ten hopeful eyes and five love-bursting hearts held my focus in every decision along the way reminding me to be the protagonist parent that I was.

Hello & a warm welcome to the True You Solutions parent coaching website! I am Rebecca-Ann Nolan, the protagonist parent of five boys who, despite the tumults we faced during the trials of domestic violence, divorce, and relocation, miraculously managed to motivate and encourage my children to maintain high honors in school, keep up with their daily chores, get jobs as teenagers, and receive scholarships for college. Though it may sound like a superhero parenting story, I can assure you at no point did it feel that way. In fact, I felt anything but courageous and secure. Fear gnawed at me in every waking moment. Inadequacy ruled my self-image not being able to provide nicer things for my children. Insecurity dominated my thoughts and a heavy blanket of anger nestled it all together. But above all the relentless Fear-based thoughts and feelings, I possessed the conviction and fortitude rooted in the Love for my children to persevere for their sake and the sake of their futures and that is what a protagonist parent is. One who makes decisions rooted in Love rather than Fear.

Owner of True You Solutions since 2010, I am a certified positive discipline parent educator providing frustrated and overwhelmed parents with the skills and tools required to strengthen the relationship with their children and create harmonious homes. My style of coaching builds UP protagonist parents. You already are one, maybe you just don’t know it, yet. Many of your everyday decisions are rooted in Love while only a few are stress induced. Positive discipline techniques are simple and effective ways of parenting through stressful situations. Perhaps joining a workshop is exactly what you need to awaken the protagonist parent inside of you. There’s only one way to find out!

My protagonist parenting philosophy has always been simplistically powerful, which began in 1998 when I vowed to break the dysfunctional cycles that made my life so challenging. Just like you, I want to give more to my children than I had. I want to do better for my children than was done to me. I started with the baseline of what not to do by the behavior that was modeled to me.

My mission was crystal clear: to raise children who know love so they can give love, to validate their feelings so they can do the same for others, and to show the importance of their perspective, thoughts, and ideas because they are vital members of a family and a community. This foundation ensured that my decisions and actions towards my children were rooted in Love rather than Fear (for the most part!) and that revolutionized the proactive discipline techniques that I created for protagonist parenting.

My mission has since expanded beyond my family to yours. Using some of my personal techniques in alignment with and alongside those of the latest parenting experts and positive discipline workshops, I coach parents to get out of the fear, frustration, and overwhelm of chaos and discord into the fun-loving, peace and harmony of the protagonist parenting.

If you want down-to-earth practical coaching from someone who has been in the trenches and offers real-life applications, then you are in the right place! Be the hero of your home. Be a protagonist parent.