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The Power Hour Coaching Sessions

Let’s face it, parenting is not easy. You’re overwhelmed. You don’t know where to begin and you’re worried things will never get better. Everyone in your house feels your stress, but you don’t know how to let it go, and so you stress more.

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Protagonist parent guide to positive discipline

Do your children’s chores and homework make you cringe more than they make your kids? Are you exhausted by the power struggles? Does the sibling rivalry make your home feel more like a war zone? Discipline can be proactive. Learn positive discipline techniques to gain harmony in your home.

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Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me
Meditation Program

The generation gap between Gen Z and Gen X are worlds apart. Kids today are connected 24/7 and express their deepest feelings with emojis, how can you relate? Do you wonder what alien has taken over your child behind the screen? Does their sense of entitlement leave you scratching your head?

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Parent Coaching

Sibling Rivalry

Feel like your house is a verbal MMA ring? Or worse yet, a physical one? Don’t throw in the towel just yet! Build your protagonist skills to end the constant bickering today.

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Back Talk

Does your child need to have the last word? Is their mouthy attitude on your last nerve? Hold onto that bit of patience left and learn the artful skill of effective communication that ends the back talk once and for all.

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Power Struggles

Is the tug of war draining your energy? Quit battling it out with your child over who’s the boss. Learn to become a protagonist parent and claim the title with grace for both of your sakes.

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Emotional Connection

TYS parent coaching services help you to connect with your child emotionally. Does it feel like an impossible feat to relate with your child? Is connecting with them like learning a new language? The good news is that breaking the language barrier is a lot simpler than you thought.

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Positive discipline parent coaching builds protagonist parents by a protagonist parent.

Once upon a time, I was a married mom transitioning from being at home most of the time to a single mom and sole provider working outside of the home most of the time. The chapters of my life seem more like separate books all together when I look back over the last 4 decades. Ten years ago feels like a lifetime ago when I took a cross country road trip with my five boys. At that time, their ages ranged from 13 years down to 10 months. Since then, we have journeyed less in distance along the east coast, but much more through our growth together in cultural changes that resulted from uprooting 1500 miles away from everything we knew. With the weight of the world on my shoulders and no one to back me up, I questioned myself constantly. The dark places in the depths of my mind crept up inching closer to the surface and more than once I almost cracked. Five beating hearts and ten wide eyes looked to me morning, noon, and night and the big fat scary collection of things that could've brought me to my ultimate demise was the very thing that offered me the opportunity to shine. The choice was mine. Those ten hopeful eyes and five love bursting hearts held my focus in every decision along the way reminding me to be the protagonist parent that I was.

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Working Together To
Relieve Your Parental Stress

Our childhoods play a role in our parenting style. Maybe you are desperately trying NOT to repeat your parent’s mistakes. Maybe you are trying too hard to be perfect. Maybe you are chasing some illusion of what you think parenting is supposed to look like from the outside. As a result, you are unhappy. You worry that your children may be unhappy. Parenting for you is often not fun but instead is overwhelming.

Whatever internal conceptions you may have about parenting may very well be getting in your way inducing stress. Stress is another word for fear. And when you act out of fear and make decisions with the sole purpose of moving away from fear, your direction is misguided. The True You Solutions signature style coaching puts a focus on identifying your underlying motive. Is it Love or is it Fear? All decisions are rooted in one or the other. Are you sure your decisions are rooted in Love? How do you know for sure? Isn’t it about time you find out so you can move towards creating realistic parenting goals and find the peace and joy that comes with being a parent?

Is your intention aligned with your motive?

Is your intention aligned with your motive?

Is your intention aligned with your motive?

Why Choose True You Solutions?

Compassionate personalized support and encouragement

Frustration and feelings of overwhelm creep up on every parent. Questioning your ability to be a great parent only shows how much you care, which proves you can do this parenting thing! Coaching by Rebecca-Ann holds a strong focus on the relationship you have with your child and considers your personal perspectives and interpretations in order to receive the desired results.

Real-life relatable coaching solutions

True You Solutions founder and coach, Rebecca-Ann can relate to the fear and the stress being a parent to five children of her own through an unhealthy marriage, the tumults of divorce and custody battles, and as a single mom. Sibling rivalry does not take a break because you are having a bad day. Bedtime battles do not subside because adulting comes with its own battles. Work with a coach who knows and understands the reality of parenting through challenging circumstances because she has been there, too.

Stop waiting; Peace is here now

Are you playing the waiting game? Waiting for the toddler years to pass so you can breathe again? Or for the school-age years to pass to be heard at normal decibels again? Are you biting your tongue waiting out the teenage years so you can speak without getting snapped at? Don’t waste another day waiting out the storm, because storms are inevitable. Peace is waiting for YOU to rise above it.

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    Coaching Plan

    Get the best motivation, support and guidance from Rebecca-Ann, founder and parent coach at True You Solutions. With the most up-to-date expert advice and her personal tried-and-true techniques in positive discipline, coaching sessions are unique, fun, informative and enlightening. Schedule your session today and start enjoying parenthood again!

    Construct a

    Family-Focused Mindset

    Does your family consist of individuals living separate lives? Do you have a difficult time relating or simply communicating effectively to your child? Relationship building and strengthening is the cornerstone of Rebecca-Ann’s parent coaching approach. No more excuses for allowing your child to slip away. Establish a formidable bond with your child to last a lifetime.

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    Build Your

    Protagonist Skills

    You’re tired of repeating yourself all day. You’re embarrassed by your child’s temper tantrums in public. You’re exhausted and your house is chaotic. Build your parenting skills to set the tone. Put an end to the yelling. Eliminate the broken record playing over and over. Become a protagonist parent and regain order and peace in your home.

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    Set Your

    Parenting Goals

    Are you motivated by love or fear? Is your parenting mission crystal clear? We know you don’t want to raise miscreant juvenile delinquents, however, with that focus, fear is at the helm. Instill confidence in yourself as a parent. Establish your parenting mission with clear goals to guide decisions that are rooted in love especially during challenging times.

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    Strategize Ways to

    Maintain Your Peace

    Does your child seem ungrateful? Does your hard work and effort go unappreciated? Are your children running you ragged? When your child expects life to be easy with everything handed to them, you are not preparing them for the real world. Learn how to create a teamwork atmosphere in your home so you have time to maintain your peace.

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