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Parent Coaching

by Rebecca Nolan

The Power Hour Coaching Sessions

The Power Hour Coaching Sessions

The world has turned upside down. Common sense is a thing of the past. Political agendas are infiltrating schools, sports leagues, clubs, and consequently your home, too. Who can you trust to influence your child with values and ideals matching your own? The Power Hour coaching session is specifically designed to unblock your personal power. Embolden the Protagonist Parent within you.

Protagonist parent guide to positive discipline

Positive Discipline Coaching Sessions

Protagonist parents and teachers all over the world know that positive discipline techniques empower children to become kind, capable, and successful young adults. Don’t be crushed (or confused) by a mountain of contradictory books from the “experts.” Schedule your virtual appointment today. In every session you will take away easy-to-use easy-to-remember techniques for long term desired effects. 

Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me Meditation Program

Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me Meditation Program

Raise a child, not a cyborg! Don’t give up on relating with your child just, yet! This unique meditation program is especially designed to build a bridge between you and your child. Understanding. Empathy. Emotional self-regulation. These are just a few of the benefits of this meditation program for you and your child or teen. No more walking on eggshells or awkward dinners. Relax, we got this!

Parent Coaching

Sibling Rivalry

Feel like your house is a verbal MMA ring? Or worse yet, a physical one? Don’t give up and throw in the towel! Synergize your family and build your protagonist skills to end the constant bickering today. It’s a lot easier than you think.

Back Talk

Does your child need to have the last word? Is their mouthy attitude testing your final nerve? Hold onto what bit of patience you have left and learn the artful skill of effective communication that ends the back talk once and for all.

Power Struggles

Is the tug of war draining your energy? Quit battling it out with your child over who’s the boss. Awaken the protagonist parent within you and claim the title with grace for both of your sakes.

Emotional Connection

You may sometimes feel like you are living with a stranger, or even an unrelatable monster. Break through the communication barrier and discover a deeper connection with your child. These years go by so fast; don’t waste any more precious time. Forge the relationship you want today to last a lifetime.


Positive discipline parent coaching: protagonist parents build each other up!

Once upon a time in a tropical paradise, there was a carefree mom living a fantasy with her 5 wonderfully perfect cherubs. Basking in the sun on the sugary-white sandy beach, she sighed a long sigh, allowing the gentle breeze to carry her troubles from a far-off land of chaos, dysfunction, and deceit away forever. Never before has she been so grateful to watch her darlings frolic in the crystal blue sparkling water and listen to their precious laughter. The end-

If only… That sounds like your typical theatrical ending to an oppressed woman’s triumph over her controlling husband. But this isn’t a movie; this is real life. And in real life, transitions are not a piece of cake ending on a beautiful beach paradise. In real life, single parenting is a struggle too, even after the calamity of an abusive home has been washed away, or– especially after.

…Owner of True You Solutions since 2010, I am a certified positive discipline parent educator providing frustrated and overwhelmed parents and teachers with the skills and tools required to strengthen the relationship with their children and transform chaos to order. Whether you are single or married, have a dysfunctional past or a dysfunctional present or neither, my style of coaching BUILDS UP protagonist parents & teachers…

Cultivate the Culture you envision for your company

Leadership. Integrity. Transparency. Quality. Teamwork.

Is your mission statement clear and well known by all those within your company? Are your policies in alignment with your core company values? 

Don’t just lead, Inspire. Incerased employee engagement has a positive impact on your bottom line. Communicate your vision with clarity. Capture the commitment of your employees. Lead with empathy to gain employee loyalty.

Schedule your free consultation today to inspire employee engagement companywide. It is up to YOU to decide the culture of the company and you are the one to cultivate it.

Is your organization aligned with your mission, vision & values?

True You Solutions Mission Statement

My professional mission statement is fully aligned with my personal mission statement!

To provide a judgment-free enlightening experience that strengthens relationships between family members and team members by coaching with empathy and integrity in-person and online to effect positive transformations across America.

Join in the next mission statement workshop. It's fun and it's FREE!

FIVE Reasons WHY:

1. In an ever-changing world, your mission statement is the constitution of your household, binding and unchangeable.

2.Your mission statement acts as a powerful sounding board for all your future decisions big and small.

3. Set the stage for strong character building of all members of your household.

4. Create a profound sense of unity for your family while instilling a sense of belonging for each member.

5. Involve your children in the creation of your family mission statement for unwavering commitment while fulfilling their innate need for significance.


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