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Parent Coaching

by Rebecca Nolan

The Power Hour Coaching Sessions

Individual Power Hour Coaching Sessions

Who said parenting is easy? It seems it gets more challenging with each generation. If you are finding it difficult to enjoy parenting because you feel overwhelmed, or maybe you question yourself more and more, you are not alone. The constant yelling doesn’t work, but you find yourself yelling anyway. Break the cycle and tap into the protagonist parent inside. It’s simpler than you think!

Protagonist parent guide to positive discipline

Positive Discipline Workshops

Protagonist parents and teachers all over the world know that positive discipline techniques empower children to become kind, capable, and successful young adults. Register for the next workshop to be amongst 20 million parents who gain the simple skills that allow you to magically transform your child’s behavior after the very first session. 

Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me Meditation Program

Mommy & Me / Daddy & Me Meditation

This proprietary beginner level guided meditation program is for parents and children who want the skills for better emotional self-regulation, and who want to feel more self-secure and more relaxed in the day to day. This spiritual process is a powerful way to gain a deeper relationship with the self and strengthen the parent-child relationship like nothing else you have tried before.

Parent Coaching

Sibling Rivalry

The fighting, arguing, taking and breaking each other’s things between your kids can feel like the ultimate challenge. When your children can’t get along, it hurts on a different level. There’s an easier way that offers the relief you seek.

Back Talk

Snarky rude comments from your child can leave you in disbelief. Their fight to have last word may render you feeling inadequate. But not for long. Respectable communication between your child and you can be achieved in these simple steps.

Power Struggles

When your child doesn’t do as you say and maybe even does the opposite, you can feel threatened and hopeless. Gain confidence with a quickness and become self-assured in no time. 

Emotional Outbursts

Uncontrollable temper tantrums can be worrisome for parents. Screaming and stomping of feet can be anger some. One key understanding can instantly change your ability to help your child through it. You’ll find it’s not so uncontrollable after all.


Positive discipline parent coaching: protagonist parents build each other up!

Once upon a time in a tropical paradise, there was a carefree mom living a fantasy with her 5 wonderfully perfect cherubs. Basking in the sun on the sugary-white sandy beach, she sighed a long sigh, allowing the gentle breeze to carry her troubles from a far-off land of chaos, dysfunction, and deceit away forever. Never before has she been so grateful to watch her darlings frolic in the crystal blue sparkling water and listen to their precious laughter. The end-

If only… That sounds like your typical theatrical ending to an oppressed woman’s triumph over her controlling husband. But this isn’t a movie; this is real life. And in real life, transitions are not a piece of cake ending on a beautiful beach paradise. In real life, single parenting is a struggle too, even after the calamity of an abusive home has been washed away, or– especially after.

…Owner of True You Solutions since 2010, I am a certified positive discipline parent educator providing frustrated and overwhelmed parents and teachers with the skills and tools required to strengthen the relationship with their children and transform chaos to order. Whether you are single or married, have a dysfunctional past or a dysfunctional present or neither, my style of coaching BUILDS UP protagonist parents & teachers…

Cultivate the Culture you envision for your company

Leadership. Integrity. Transparency. Quality. Teamwork.

Is your mission statement clear and well known by all those within your company? Are your policies in alignment with your core company values? 

Don’t just lead, Inspire. Incerased employee engagement has a positive impact on your bottom line. Communicate your vision with clarity. Capture the commitment of your employees. Lead with empathy to gain employee loyalty.

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Is your organization aligned with your mission, vision & values?

True You Solutions Mission Statement

My professional mission statement is fully aligned with my personal mission statement!

To provide a judgment-free enlightening experience that strengthens relationships between family members and team members by coaching with empathy and integrity in-person and online to effect positive transformations across America.

Join in the next mission statement workshop. It's fun and it's FREE!

FIVE Reasons WHY:

1. In an ever-changing world, your mission statement is the constitution of your household, binding and unchangeable.

2.Your mission statement acts as a powerful sounding board for all your future decisions big and small.

3. Set the stage for strong character building of all members of your household.

4. Create a profound sense of unity for your family while instilling a sense of belonging for each member.

5. Involve your children in the creation of your family mission statement for unwavering commitment while fulfilling their innate need for significance.


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